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INTO MUJI (2019)

Experience Design, Design Research, Installation-Exhibition Design

INTO MUJI is an experience design project that aims to correct the perceived brand positioning and product attribute for better brand communication towards the customers. Through the exhibition, we want to get across the idea of Muji valuing the quality of every material and the mixture of Zen philosophy in the brand's designs. 


Kusalin Kangsanarak

Matana Wuttiket

Papasvi Chanyam



I - Customer Perception Research

We did an online research for people's opinions on the brand and summarised it into two comparison maps between what Muji strives for and what the customers are perceiving on brand positioning and product attribute.

II - Brand Research

A brand research was next. We tried to understand the brand identity better through its store format, sales associate and technology. We also looked into Muji's past events, where they were held and the frequency of activities. Additionally, an interesting takeaway from researching Muji's sales is that their sales in furnitures & food are not high compared to other categories, which aligns with the customer's perception.

III - Concept Definition

Concept: To enhance the sales of Muji's furniture and food through the communication of the brand's core values.


1. Use the space to educate Muji's three brand values: thinking process, care in details and quality with resonated price and the use of Zen philosophy in Muji's design.

2. Enhance sales of Muji's furnitures and food.

Key Message: "Muji is outstanding with its quality of material and Zen lifestyle."

Target Group: 22-35 y.o. middle class, salary range from 30k-60k THB per month

Target group's lifestyle: as summarized below. 

IV - Essential Information for Designing

V - Ideation

We therefore ideated what activities should be done in the event and the space we're designing, according to the objectives and what Muji stands for. In conclusion, we have selected the Zen-related practices such as meditation, which will later defined the criteria for the space's location as it has to be quiet enough, and a napping session which will benefit the office workers during their lunch break or after work and let them experience the material of Muji's bedding at the same time.

VI - Supporting Research

In addition to designing, we had principles and theories that support our selected activities to show how it will benefit the participants and improve the overall experience at the same time such as meditation's benefits, how power nap works and the art of aroma therapy.

VII - Testing

We created a draft scenario for the entire experience and explained it to our testing group, asking for their opinions throughout the journey to see what works and what doesn't.

VIII - The Design

Following the 5 stages of experience design, we finally reached the final design of the entire exhibition and the event for our target group to participate.

Entice - We invites the target group through our online posters which will be published through many channels, places and medias, from online to offline. And at a few offline sites which we will set up our small installations, passersby will be enticed with the relaxing ambient sound and the aromatic ambient scent. 

Enter - People who have previously purchased Muji products for over than 300 THB can scan their received e-ticket and enter the exhibition right away. People who haven't can buy a walk-in ticket for 300 THB as well. All audience, once registered, will receive a printed ticket and a wristband with a locker number, for the convenience of luggage storage.

Engage -

  1. Into the Woods: Feeling the texture of Muji's various kinds of wood, listening to the ASMR sound of woodwork behind every Muji's furniture.

  2. Cotton Maze: Touching and getting intimate with the surfaces of Muji's organic cotton with the projection mapping of the video showing the linen-cloth making process.

  3. Sleep Meditation: Meditating with an audio guide on Muji's mattress for an effective power nap session, while also allowing yourself a moment to be mindful.

  4. Know Your Taste: Observing the raw ingredients that Muji uses to make their edible products. Smelling and listening to the ASMR sound of cooking and baking process. Once the audience has gone through enough ingredients, they can select their preferable choice of drink and two raw ingredients which will be used to offer them a personalized snack in the next stage. 

Exit - The audience will get the package of tea and a snack, based on the two ingredients they have chosen in the last section of engagement, as a souvenir upon their leaving.

Extend - They can scan the QR code on the package to add Muji to their Line application, where they will be offered discounts that can be used for both food and furniture products at the stores. They can also catch up with new promotions and updates from the brand through the same Line official account. 

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